At Rumi, we work for our clients' best interests, to build their capabilities and confidence.  Our pool of happy clients has steadily grown over the years, and we have built enduring relationships, making us the firm of choice for major local and international organizations seeking high-quality media and communications services.


Rumi partners with different organizations that share the same values of creativity, excellence, and professionalism. With extended reach of Rumi’s partners in different fields, Rumi is enhanced with firm grip over Media and Communication services across Afghanistan.


  • Mikaela Ringuist

    Administrative Director, American Institute for Afghanistan Studies

    “ It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Rumi Consultancy based on the services they provided as part of the Program for Islamic Cooperation for a Peaceful Future in Afghanistan (ICPFA). The ICPFA program ran from November 2011 to July 2013 with the goal of providing the much-needed forums and opportunities to help generate local, regional, and international Islamic cooperation in support of peace in Afghanistan. The program comprised of four international conferences: two in Istanbul and two in Kabul, and featured a wide messaging campaign across various mediums, from mainstream media to social media. Rumi’s ability to create powerful, memorable messaging was a critical factor in the program's success. Rumi devised a comprehensive communications and public relations strategy and implemented this strategy over the course of the entire program. Rumi was in charge of all media production for the program, including the design of conference materials and packets, interpreter services for Afghan languages, filming and transcribing of all conference speeches, and the creation and broadcasting of promotional clips and television programs that reached large segments of the Afghan community. The Rumi team consistently provided these services in a timely manner and created their work to a high standard. Through Rumi's effective media campaign, the ICPFA program was able to launch a new narrative concerning the position of Islam with regards to peace and violence. I feel confident that the ICPFA program would not have been the success it was without the hard work, professionalism, and dedication that Rumi Consultancy exhibited from the program's inception to its conclusion. I would strongly recommend Rumi Consultancy for any projects of a similar nature. ”

  • Marnie Gustavson

    Executive Director, PARSA Afghanistan

    “ Rumi Consultancy worked with PARSA on a complex program for over two years providing media services, filming, editing in partnership with the PARSA Afghan Scouts program. Voice of Afghan youth TV/radio series developed into a unique high quality TV/radio series that represents Afghan youth at a unique and challenging period in Afghanistan’s history. Rumi Consultancy conducted their work professionally and produced excellent TV programs working with our NGO staff, in Kabul and nationally during a time of unprecedented threat to media in Afghanistan. PARSA appreciates this unique media company, their hard work, creativity and passion for the important role of media in Afghan Society. ”

  • Emma Ayres

    Journalist / Presenter, ABC Australia

    “ Rumi Consultancy is an outstanding and thoroughly reliable organization. I worked with a cameraman, Abas, and his assistant Wahid. Abas was absolutely wonderful! He is so mature, reliable, speaks great English, polite, inventive, and very patient. And he shot some brilliant footage. I would recommend him to anyone and hope to use him again when I return to Kabul. Wahid was extremely well organized as well. Abas and Wahid are extraordinarily capable young men and I cannot recommend them highly enough. ”

  • Graham Crouch

    Freelance Photographer

    “ I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to work in such a professional environment provided by the Kabul World Bank staff and Rumi Consultancy. The entire trip went off with logistical perfection and all involved in the organization of this trip can be very proud of the way it panned out for us. It was fantastic for Diana and I to be able to concentrate on our work and know that the nuts and bolts of the trip were sorted out. A special mention must be made to Suleiman for the excellent job he did as well as our traveling companion/translator/organizer. A tremendous job. ”

  • Ahmad Nader Nadery

    Chief Advisor to the President on Public and Strategic Affairs

    “ We recognize Rumi Consultancy for its great performance in producing multi-media content for Afghanistan Government as part of the project to promote achievements of Afghanistan for Warsaw Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), July 2016, and Brussels Conference, October 2016. We admire Rumi's creativity, innovation, flexibility in multimedia production and unique messaging approach to public outreach and engagement ”