Our Services

Rumi is your one-stop destination for communication, content creation and marketing in Afghanistan. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your audience is met with integrity through the product and innovation through the most creative and current forms of media.
As the pioneers of digital marketing in Afghanistan, we were the first to design content specifically for social media, and we continue to encourage our clients to include this constantly growing channel in their reach of audiences. Videos specially designed to be shared easily, infographics, and the like are not something everyone in Afghanistan can do.


    The complex social and political landscape of Afghanistan makes development of effective communication campaigns a difficult task. Our knowledge of Afghanistan coupled with the technical know-how of communications have been key to successful implementation of communication strategies. Working side by side with our clients, we custom develop everything from concepts to communication strategies. Essentially everything, beginning with the target message and target audience, right up to dissemination and post data analysis, lies within our area of expertise. We believe strongly in a well-thought and well-structured blueprint for any campaigns or products to ensure the activities produce the intended results and our clients are satisfied and informed every step of the way.


    Our experience with the media stretches two decades back, when some of us entered media as fixers for international journalists during Taliban rule. Our staff have worked for the BBC, Washington Post, CNN and News York Times, among others. This allows us to leverage our production insights and rich network of contacts to produce media from the least accessible parts of the country. We maintain the most up-to-date production equipment, allowing us to deliver state-of-the-art media products.


    Rumi is an authentically Afghan company, not just a company registered in Afghanistan. We have operational presence throughout the country. Our network of partners and distributors ranges from media organizations to social influencers such as youth groups, community elders and social media gurus. Rumi recently conducted a public survey of preferred media sources, times and messaging styles in 33 provinces. We use the findings to make sure dissemination through traditional media is conducted in the most effective way.


    Rumi offers baseline surveys, media analysis and monitoring, as well as post-campaign reporting and evaluation, the design of which is also created in response to the client’s specific needs. This can entail anything from written reports to infographics to animated productions of findings.
    Rumi also offers full-scope event planning. Not only do we provide all relevant media, promotion and content production for events, we also offer full coordination. Our most recent event was the 12th Silk Road Mayor’s Forum hosted by Kabul Municipality.